[next-20230705] kernel BUG mm/memcontrol.c:3715! (ltp/madvise06)

Sachin Sant sachinp at linux.ibm.com
Thu Jul 6 16:11:38 AEST 2023

While running LTP tests (madvise06) on IBM Power9 LPAR booted with
6.4.0-next-20230705 following crash is seen

Injecting memory failure for pfn 0x3f79 at process virtual address 0x7fff9b740000
Memory failure: 0x3f79: recovery action for clean LRU page: Recovered
madvise06 (133636): drop_caches: 3
------------[ cut here ]------------
kernel BUG at mm/memcontrol.c:3715!
Oops: Exception in kernel mode, sig: 5 [#1]
Modules linked in: brd overlay exfat vfat fat xfs loop sctp ip6_udp_tunnel udp_tunnel dm_mod nft_fib_inet nft_fib_ipv4 nft_fib_ipv6 nft_fib nft_reject_inet nf_reject_ipv4 nf_reject_ipv6 nft_reject nft_ct nft_chain_nat nf_nat nf_conntrack nf_defrag_ipv6 nf_defrag_ipv4 bonding ip_set tls rfkill nf_tables libcrc32c nfnetlink sunrpc pseries_rng vmx_crypto ext4 mbcache jbd2 sd_mod t10_pi crc64_rocksoft crc64 sg ibmvscsi scsi_transport_srp ibmveth fuse [last unloaded: init_module(O)]
CPU: 10 PID: 133636 Comm: madvise06 Tainted: G O 6.4.0-next-20230705 #1
Hardware name: IBM,8375-42A POWER9 (raw) 0x4e0202 0xf000005 of:IBM,FW950.80 (VL950_131) hv:phyp pSeries
NIP: c00000000054ea88 LR: c00000000028b2a8 CTR: c00000000054e8d0
REGS: c00000029dd7b890 TRAP: 0700 Tainted: G O (6.4.0-next-20230705)
MSR: 8000000000029033 <SF,EE,ME,IR,DR,RI,LE> CR: 28008288 XER: 00000000
CFAR: c00000000054e904 IRQMASK: 0 
GPR00: c00000000028b2a8 c00000029dd7bb30 c000000001431600 c0000002bc978000 
GPR04: c000000002b3b288 0000000000010192 0000000000000000 0000000000000001 
GPR08: c0000000f9abb180 0000000000020000 c0000002bc978580 0000000000000000 
GPR12: c00000000054e8d0 c00000001ec53f00 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 
GPR16: 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 
GPR20: c00000001b2e6578 0000000000400cc0 000000007fff0000 fffffffffffff000 
GPR24: c00000029dd7bd30 0000000000000000 c00000029dd7bd58 c00000001b2e6568 
GPR28: c00000029dd7bde0 0000000000000001 0000000000000001 c00000001b2e6540 
NIP [c00000000054ea88] mem_cgroup_read_u64+0x1b8/0x1d0
LR [c00000000028b2a8] cgroup_seqfile_show+0xb8/0x160
Call Trace:
[c00000029dd7bb50] [c00000000028b2a8] cgroup_seqfile_show+0xb8/0x160
[c00000029dd7bbc0] [c000000000673ba4] kernfs_seq_show+0x44/0x60
[c00000029dd7bbe0] [c0000000005c4238] seq_read_iter+0x238/0x620
[c00000029dd7bcb0] [c000000000675064] kernfs_fop_read_iter+0x1d4/0x2c0
[c00000029dd7bd00] [c00000000057fbac] vfs_read+0x26c/0x350
[c00000029dd7bdc0] [c00000000058077c] ksys_read+0x7c/0x140
[c00000029dd7be10] [c000000000036900] system_call_exception+0x140/0x350
[c00000029dd7be50] [c00000000000d6a0] system_call_common+0x160/0x2e4
--- interrupt: c00 at 0x7fff9eb41484
NIP: 00007fff9eb41484 LR: 0000000010008540 CTR: 0000000000000000
REGS: c00000029dd7be80 TRAP: 0c00 Tainted: G O (6.4.0-next-20230705)
MSR: 800000000280f033 <SF,VEC,VSX,EE,PR,FP,ME,IR,DR,RI,LE> CR: 28002282 XER: 00000000
GPR00: 0000000000000003 00007fffc33de7d0 00007fff9ec27300 0000000000000013 
GPR04: 00007fffc33e0aa0 0000000000001fff 0000000000000000 0000000000000013 
GPR08: 00007fffc33e0aa0 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 
GPR12: 0000000000000000 00007fff9ecca3a0 0000000000000000 0000000000000000 
GPR16: ffffffffffffffff 0000000010035520 0000000010035b90 00000000100347a8 
GPR20: 000000001002fb68 0000000010063900 0000000000002000 000000001002fb68 
GPR24: 0000000000000000 000000000000004c 000000001002fa78 00007fffc33e0aa0 
GPR28: 0000000000000013 0000000000000000 0000000000001fff 0000000000001fff 
NIP [00007fff9eb41484] 0x7fff9eb41484
LR [0000000010008540] 0x10008540
--- interrupt: c00
Code: 7fa34800 409effc4 7c0802a6 38600001 f8010030 4bfffdfd e8010030 786383e4 7c0803a6 4bffff6c 7c0802a6 f8010030 <0fe00000> 7c0802a6 f8010030 0fe00000 
---[ end trace 0000000000000000 ]---
pstore: backend (nvram) writing error (-1)

Kernel panic - not syncing: Fatal exception
Rebooting in 10 seconds..

Git bisect points to following patch:

commit 29bf1eb7d2abbdfc24c4ef7acf7a51b72dc43d2b
    memcg: drop kmem.limit_in_bytes

Does the testcase madvise06 need an update?

90         tst_res(TINFO, "\tCached: %ld Kb",
91                 SAFE_READ_MEMINFO("Cached:") - init_cached);
93         print_cgmem("memory.current");
94         print_cgmem("memory.swap.current");
95         print_cgmem("memory.kmem.usage_in_bytes”);  <<== this line. 
96 }

If I comment line 95 from the testcase, it completes successfully.

- Sachin

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