[FSL P50x0] [PASEMI] The Access to partitions on disks with an Amiga partition table doesn't work anymore after the block updates 2023-06-23

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Sun Jul 2 21:29:28 AEST 2023

Hi Michael.

Michael Schmitz - 01.07.23, 04:05:30 CEST:
> The RDB format description URL that appears in one of your messages
> from the 2012 thread has gone dead. I'll try to find it on Wayback
> later. In the meantime, I will submit a patch to fix the new bug ...
> We can has out details in the inevitable review process.

Hmm, I think they just went for prettier URLs:


But there is not much on it.

Not sure whether there is a more detailed explanation anywhere on the 
net. I am pretty sure there is more in the NDK/SDK tough. And indeed 
there is:

AmigaOS 3.x NDK


I found it in: Include_H/devices/hardblocks.h

This is at least an include with the exact structure of the RDB and of 
the partition blocks. There are some explanations in the comments. Maybe 
there is something more elsewhere in this NDK.

You can unpack this using lhasa, easily available in Debian based 

AmigaOS 4.x Software Development Kit


This is a bit more time consuming to dig through. I skip it for now.


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