[PATCH 2/3] powerpc/pseries/memhp: Remove unbalanced dlpar_release_drc() call

Scott Cheloha cheloha at linux.ibm.com
Fri Dec 1 07:09:00 AEDT 2023

> On Nov 28, 2023, at 9:21 AM, Nathan Lynch <nathanl at linux.ibm.com> wrote:
> Nick Child <nnac123 at linux.ibm.com> writes:
>> Hi Nathan,
>> Patches 1 and 3 LGTM
> thanks.
>> Regarding this patch, dlpar_memory_remove_by_count() calls 
>> dlpar_add_lmb() and does not free drc on add error.
>> dlpar_add_lmb() is called here in error recovery so probably
>> not a big deal.
>> This is all new code to me but it looks like if the requested
>> number of lmbs cannot be removed then it attempts to add back
>> the ones that were successfully removed. So if you cannot add
>> an lmb that WAS successfully removed, it seems sane to also
>> release the drc.
> Maybe I'll drop this one for now and turn my attention to removing all
> the high-level rollback logic in this code. There's no reliable way to
> accomplish what it's trying to do (i.e. restore the original quantity of
> LMBs) and it just complicates things.

Removing all of the rollback code is a wonderful idea.

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