[PATCH] floppy: ERROR: that open brace { should be on the previous line

Bagas Sanjaya bagasdotme at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 10:36:03 AEST 2023

On Fri, Aug 04, 2023 at 04:05:09PM +0000, Christophe Leroy wrote:
> Hello,
> Le 20/07/2023 à 12:17, zhangyongle001 at 208suo.com a écrit :
> > [Vous ne recevez pas souvent de courriers de zhangyongle001 at 208suo.com. 
> > D?couvrez pourquoi ceci est important ? 
> > https://aka.ms/LearnAboutSenderIdentification ]
> > 
> > Fix twoce occurrences of the checkpatch.pl error:
> > ERROR: that open brace { should be on the previous line
> Can you please explain the purpose of those changes ? Do you use some 
> tools that get disturbed by such cosmetic errors ? Otherwise what is 
> your reason ?


208suo.com people do checkpatch fixes (that is, they run
scripts/checkpatch.pl -f <random source file> then try to make the script
happy). Steven warned them to not submitting such patches again [1] but
they keep spamming maintainers with checkpatch patches (ignoring the review
warning). I voiced this concern when reviewing one of their patches and
Jani replied that such one-way interaction with kernel communty is
detrimental [2].

The exact same situation happened last year involving developers from
cdjrlc.com domain. They also did trivial patches, including mostly
(and notoriously known for) redundant word stripping. While some of these
patches were accepted, others were not with reviews requesting changes in
v2, yet they also ignored reviews. In fact, in the early waves of 208suo.com
patches, they used the same email infra as 208suo.com people and they sent
patches as HTML emails (which were rejected by mailing lists obviously)
so that the latter people have to send their patches on their behalf
(but corrupted since 208suo.com people used Roundcube instead of

Regarding 208suo.com's mail infra, after I pointed out this [3], they
changed the infra so that patches sent didn't get corrupted. Thus, they did
listen in regard of tooling and infra changes, but they deliberately
doesn't answer code reviews.


[1]: https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/20230720134501.01f9f1de@gandalf.local.home/
[2]: https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/87cz07vvwu.fsf@intel.com/
[3]: https://lore.kernel.org/lkml/ZJK7sC4i+MK98k%2F+@debian.me/

> We don't accept such standelone minor cosmetic changes at the first 
> place because it looks like a waste of time.

PS: And in fact, complicating stable backports...

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