Michael Ellerman mpe at ellerman.id.au
Fri Apr 21 00:05:33 AEST 2023

Nicholas Piggin <npiggin at gmail.com> writes:
> Michael is maintaining KVM PPC with the powerpc tree at the moment,
> just doesn't necessarily have time to be across all of KVM. But I
> think that's okay, from mechanics of how patches flow upstream he is
> maintainer. And it probably makes a bit more sense to people who need
> to look at the MAINTAINERS file if we have some contacts there.
> So add mpe as KVM PPC maintainer and I am a reviewer. Split out the
> subarchs that don't get much attention.

Yeah I guess this is better than what we have now.

Can you send a non-RFC and SOB'ed version, and maybe Cc the KVM list
as well?


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