[PATCH] Revert "ASoC: fsl: remove unnecessary dai_link->platform"

Mark Brown broonie at kernel.org
Wed Apr 19 22:10:33 AEST 2023

On Wed, Apr 19, 2023 at 06:29:18PM +0800, Shengjiu Wang wrote:
> This reverts commit 33683cbf49b5412061cb1e4c876063fdef86def4.

Please include human readable descriptions of things like commits and
issues being discussed in e-mail in your mails, this makes them much
easier for humans to read especially when they have no internet access.
I do frequently catch up on my mail on flights or while otherwise
travelling so this is even more pressing for me than just being about
making things a bit easier to read.

Please submit patches using subject lines reflecting the style for the
subsystem, this makes it easier for people to identify relevant patches.
Look at what existing commits in the area you're changing are doing and
make sure your subject lines visually resemble what they're doing.
There's no need to resubmit to fix this alone.
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