Probing nvme disks fails on Upstream kernels on powerpc Maxconfig

Michael Ellerman mpe at
Wed Apr 5 15:45:31 AEST 2023

"Linux regression tracking (Thorsten Leemhuis)" <regressions at> writes:
> [CCing the regression list, as it should be in the loop for regressions:
> On 23.03.23 10:53, Srikar Dronamraju wrote:
>> I am unable to boot upstream kernels from v5.16 to the latest upstream
>> kernel on a maxconfig system. (Machine config details given below)
>> At boot, we see a series of messages like the below.
>> dracut-initqueue[13917]: Warning: dracut-initqueue: timeout, still waiting for following initqueue hooks:
>> dracut-initqueue[13917]: Warning: /lib/dracut/hooks/initqueue/finished/devexists-\x2fdev\x2fdisk\x2fby-uuid\ "if ! grep -q /run/systemd/generator/systemd-cryptsetup@*.service 2>/dev/null; then
>> dracut-initqueue[13917]:     [ -e "/dev/disk/by-uuid/93dc0767-18aa-467f-afa7-5b4e9c13108a" ]
>> dracut-initqueue[13917]: fi"
> Alexey, did you look into this? This is apparently caused by a commit of
> yours (see quoted part below) that Michael applied. Looks like it fell
> through the cracks from here, but maybe I'm missing something.

Unfortunately Alexey is not working at IBM any more, so he won't have
access to any hardware to debug/test this.

Srikar are you debugging this? If not we'll have to find someone else to
look at it.


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