[PATCH 6/9] tty: hvc_console: Fix coding style issues of block comments

Johan Hovold johan at kernel.org
Thu May 20 23:52:11 AEST 2021

On Thu, May 20, 2021 at 09:21:25PM +0800, Xiaofei Tan wrote:

> > Checkpatch already has too many checks IMO and I'm a bit surprised that
> > it doesn't check this already. Perhaps it's because you used the -f to
> > run checkpatch on in-kernel code, which you should not.
> >
> >>> Second, that sentence is not capitalised so why do add a period?
> >>>
> >>
> >> How about capitalize the sentence, or just remove the period ?
> >
> > How about just leaving this unchanged?
> OK
> And I will keep the patch 8/9, and combine space issues into
> one new patch, and remove the others.

Yeah, 8/9 is arguably a fix even if it's for a very minor issue
(repeated words in a comment).

It doesn't look like any of the white space issues are worth fixing,
though. Such pedantry can usually be addressed when the code in question
is being modified for other reasons.


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