[RFC PATCH 0/7] Memory hotplug/hotremove at subsection size

David Hildenbrand david at redhat.com
Fri May 7 01:40:15 AEST 2021

>>> The last patch increases SECTION_SIZE_BITS to demonstrate the use of memory
>>> hotplug/hotremove subsection, but is not intended to be merged as is. It is
>>> there in case one wants to try this out and will be removed during the final
>>> submission.
>>> Feel free to give suggestions and comments. I am looking forward to your
>>> feedback.
>> Please not like this.
> Do you mind sharing more useful feedback instead of just saying a lot of No?

I remember reasoning about this already in another thread, no? Either 
you're ignoring my previous feedback or my mind is messing with me.


David / dhildenb

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