Latest Git kernel doesn't compile because of the LINUX_VERSION_CODE issue

Christian Zigotzky chzigotzky at
Fri Feb 26 23:34:22 AEDT 2021


I tried to compile the latest Git kernel today. Unfortunately it doesn't 

Error messages:

   CC      arch/powerpc/kernel/udbg_16550.o
In file included from ./include/linux/stackprotector.h:10:0,
                  from arch/powerpc/kernel/smp.c:35:
./arch/powerpc/include/asm/stackprotector.h: In function 
./arch/powerpc/include/asm/stackprotector.h:29:30: error: expected 
expression before ‘;’ token
   canary ^= LINUX_VERSION_CODE;
scripts/ recipe for target 
'arch/powerpc/kernel/smp.o' failed
make[2]: *** [arch/powerpc/kernel/smp.o] Error 1


drivers/media/cec/core/cec-api.c: In function ‘cec_adap_g_caps’:
drivers/media/cec/core/cec-api.c:85:35: error: expected expression 
before ‘;’ token
   caps.version = LINUX_VERSION_CODE;


I have found the bad commit. It's "Merge tag 'kbuild-v5.12' of 
git://" [1]

The changes in the Makefile (a/Makefile) are responsible for the 
compiling errors. [2]

I was able to revert this bad commit. After that it compiled without any 

Could you please compile the latest Git kernel and confirm this issue?



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