[PATCH] powerpc: vmlinux.lds: Drop Binutils 2.18 workarounds

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Fri Mar 22 10:34:21 AEDT 2019

On Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 11:02:53AM +1030, Joel Stanley wrote:
> Segher added some workarounds for GCC 4.2 and bintuils 2.18. We now set
> 4.6 and 2.20 as the minimum, so they can be dropped.

It was a bug in binutils _before_ 2.18, only seen by people using GCC
_before_ 4.2.

It's all ancient history by now, and good riddance :-)

> Signed-off-by: Joel Stanley <joel at jms.id.au>

Acked-by: Segher Boessenkool <segher at kernel.crashing.org>


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