BUG: p8_aes_ctr randomly returns wrong results

Ondrej Mosnáček omosnacek at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 23:37:34 AEDT 2019


FYI, the p8_aes_ctr crypto driver (drivers/crypto/vmx/aes_ctr.c) seems
to be seriously broken. When I do repeated encryption using libkcapi
multiple times in a row, I sometimes get a wrong result. This happens
more often with long messages (e.g. at 16 KiB it already happens very

To reproduce:
1. Install or locally build libkcapi [1] (you will need the kcapi-enc
binary in PATH) on a ppc64le system.
2. Run the following in bash:
for i in {1..100}; do head -c $((16*1024)) /dev/zero | kcapi-enc -e -c
'ctr(aes)' -p test -s test --pbkdfiter 1 2>/dev/null | sha256sum; done
| sort -u

Expected result:
All invocations produce output with identical checksum.

Actual result:
Multiple different checksums are produced.

When I run 'rmmod vmx_crypto' before running the reproducer, I get
only one (correct) checksum, so this is definitely a bug in the
driver. Other ciphers (cbc(aes), xts(aes)) are not affected, even
though the glue code is very similar. That leads me to believe the
problem is somewhere in the assembly code.

[1] http://github.com/smuellerDD/libkcapi


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