[PATCH 00/14] entry: preempt_schedule_irq() callers scrub

Valentin Schneider valentin.schneider at arm.com
Wed Mar 13 05:18:55 AEDT 2019

On 12/03/2019 18:03, Vineet Gupta wrote:
>> Regarding that loop, archs seem to fall in 3 categories:
>> A) Those that don't have the loop
> Please clarify that this is the right thing to do (since core code already has the
> loop) hence no fixing is required for this "category"

Right, those don't need any change. I had a brief look at them to double
check they had the proper need_resched() gate before calling
preempt_schedule_irq() (with no loop) and they all seem fine. Also...

>> B) Those that have a small need_resched() loop around the
>>    preempt_schedule_irq() callsite
>> C) Those that branch to some more generic code further up the entry code
>>    and eventually branch back to preempt_schedule_irq()
>> arc, m68k, nios2 fall in A)

I forgot to include parisc in here.


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