[PATCH 01/12] Documentation: move architectures together

Alex Shi alex.shi at linux.alibaba.com
Mon Jul 15 01:21:03 AEST 2019

Hi Jon,

Thanks for quick response!

在 2019/7/13 上午1:34, Jonathan Corbet 写道:
> On Fri, 12 Jul 2019 10:20:07 +0800
> Alex Shi <alex.shi at linux.alibaba.com> wrote:
>> There are many different archs in Documentation/ dir, it's better to
>> move them together in 'Documentation/arch' which follows from kernel source.
> So this seems certain to collide badly with Mauro's RST-conversion monster
> patch set.

I don't mean that, sorry, and we can figure out if both of them are worthy to be picked up.

> More to the point, though...if we are going to thrash up things this
> badly, we want to be sure that we're doing it right so we don't end up
> renaming everything again.  Grouping stuff into a new arch/ subdirectory
> adds a bit of order, but it doesn't do much toward trying to organize our
> documentation for its readers, and it doesn't help us to modernize the
> docs and get rid of the old, useless stuff.  A quick check shows that many
> of these files have seen no changes other than typo fixes since the
> beginning of the Git era.

Right, there is some docs which need to be update or even drop, and a reorder would be a timing to push each of arch maintainer to do something, isn't it? Anyway, reordering  documents like kernel source dir could be one of choices. :)

> So, in my mind, this needs some thought.  Maybe we want a
> Documentation/arch in the end, but I'm not convinced that we should just
> create it and fill it with a snow shovel.  This might be a good thing to
> discuss at the kernel summit in September.

Thanks for considering, anyway, it could be a good start to get hands dirty whether the arch dir is needed. 


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