[Bug 204125] FTBFS on ppc64 big endian and gcc9 because of -mcall-aixdesc and missing __linux__

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Thu Jul 11 02:04:49 AEST 2019


--- Comment #5 from Daniel Kolesa (linux at octaforge.org) ---
I have an entire distro built with it. A small number of things require minor
patches. Some of these have been upstreamed, some of these are pending (for
example, to make OpenSSL assembly work on BE/ELFv2, it requires about 5 lines
of changes to pass all of the testsuite, and a PR for that is up). Glibc used
to not work about a year ago I think, these days it works perfectly fine and we
generally have no major issues with any software that already worked on BE in
the first place.

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