[PATCH v4 14/16] powerpc: Use generic free_initrd_mem.

Shea Levy shea at shealevy.com
Thu Mar 29 07:53:39 AEDT 2018

Joe Perches <joe at perches.com> writes:

> On Wed, 2018-03-28 at 16:36 -0400, Shea Levy wrote:
>> Signed-off-by: Shea Levy <shea at shealevy.com>
> Most people seem to want some form of commit message
> and not just your sign-off.

Ah, if the subject is insufficient I can add some more detail.

> And btw:
> It seems you used get_maintainer to determine who to
> send these patches to.
> I suggest you add --nogit and --nogit-fallback to the
> get_maintainer command line you use to avoid sending
> these patches to people like me that have done drive-by
> cleanup work on these files.

Whoops, thanks for the tip and sorry for the noise!
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