New "merge" branch in the powerpc repo

Michael Ellerman mpe at
Thu Jul 27 22:54:26 AEST 2017

Hi folks,

tldr: There's a new branch in the powerpc repo called "merge", and if
you're doing work that's targeting the powerpc tree then it is probably
a good base to work on top of.

It's a merge of Linus' master branch, my current fixes branch, and my
current next branch. If we have significant chunks of code in another
tree, eg. akpm's then I may also merge that in, but that will be done on
a case-by-case basis.

Think of it like a mini linux-next, just for powerpc stuff :)

I'll keep it up to date whenever I update either of my branches, and
semi regularly when Linus updates his.

The branch itself will never merge with Linus' tree, but the component
parts will eventually (unless they ever need to be emergency rebased).

It's here:

And also approximately mirrored to here:

Feel free to ask me here or on IRC (or IBM slack) if you have any


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