[RFC][PATCH 0/5] power saving wakeup changes for POWER9 MCE

Nicholas Piggin npiggin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 05:38:56 AEDT 2017


This is not a bare minimum fix to get the MCE power saving wakeup
working for POWER9, but I had a couple of other things it ended on
top of which made things a bit simpler.

RFC only at this stage because it needs a bit more testing. It
seems to work in simulator though when constructing an MCE from
power save wakeup (whereas it crashes with mainline).


Nicholas Piggin (5):
  powerpc/64s: move remaining system reset idle code into idle_book3s.S
  powerpc/64: stop using bit in HSPRG0 to test winkle
  powerpc/64s: use alternative feature patching
  powerpc/64s: consolidate pnv_restore_hyp_resource into
  powerpc/64s: fix POWER9 machine check handler from stop state

 arch/powerpc/include/asm/exception-64s.h |  18 +----
 arch/powerpc/kernel/exceptions-64s.S     | 116 +++++++++++--------------------
 arch/powerpc/kernel/idle_book3s.S        |  76 ++++++++++----------
 arch/powerpc/platforms/powernv/idle.c    |  13 ----
 4 files changed, 81 insertions(+), 142 deletions(-)


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