[PATCH v1 1/2] fadump: reduce memory consumption for capture kernel

Hari Bathini hbathini at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Feb 8 01:57:37 AEDT 2017

Hi Mahesh,

On Tuesday 31 January 2017 01:05 AM, Mahesh Jagannath Salgaonkar wrote:
> On 01/30/2017 10:14 PM, Hari Bathini wrote:
>> In case of fadump, capture (fadump) kernel boots like a normal kernel.
>> While this has its advantages, the capture kernel would initialize all
>> the components like normal kernel, which may not necessarily be needed
>> for a typical dump capture kernel. So, fadump capture kernel ends up
>> needing more memory than a typical (read kdump) capture kernel to boot.
>> +#define FADUMP_FORMAT_VERSION	0x00000002
> Why 0x0002 ? Does Phyp now support new version of dump format ? We
> should be more careful not to break backward compatibility.

Dump format version has not changed in Phyp. Undone the change in v2
to keep backward compatibility intact.

>> +static ssize_t fadump_params_show(struct kobject *kobj,
>> +				   struct kobj_attribute *attr,
>> +				   char *buf)
>> +{
>> +	return sprintf(buf, "%s\n",
>> +		get_fadump_params_buf(__va(fw_dump.handover_area_start)));
> May be we should show current cmdline + fadump append params.

I think it is better to display only append parameters as current 
cmdline parameters
may not be accurate always?


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