Timekeeping oddities on MacMini G4s

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Feb 1 18:13:26 AEDT 2017

On Tue, 2017-01-31 at 22:59 -0800, Hal Murray wrote:
> Thanks.
> benh at kernel.crashing.org said:
> > Right, we just use the value provided by Open Firmware. Any chance you can
> > try with MacOS X ? 
> Not easily.  I'm using boxes from eBay.  They didn't come with CDs and I've 
> already installed other software.

Ok, I do have one though somewhere with OS X on it. If you give me instructions
on how to test (I know near to nothing about ntpsec), I should be able to compile
and run it.
> > From the value in the properties you showed me (and the ones I have in some
> > DT snapshots) it looks like the value isn't fixed but somewhat calibrated by
> > Open Firmware during boot. 
> I rebooted several times.  It always got the exact same clock speed numbers.

Interesting. Though different units get different numbers...

> I don't know anything about the insides of the PowerPC chip.  Can you confirm 
> that the kernel time keeping works off an always ticking register similar to 
> the Intel TSC and uses the timebase-frequency as the scale factor?

It should be externally clocked on these CPUs. Either that or a divisor of
the bus frequency, I don't remember, but I *think* Apple uses an external

But yes, the timebase is supposed to be always running at a constant speed
which is the timebase-frequency (no scaling, the register is always running
at *that* speed).

> If so, I should be able to "fix" it from Open Firmware.  I tried that but 
> things got worse.  I could easily have fatfingered something but more likely 
> my reasoning for computing the right value was buggy.  I guess I'll try again.
> I see that powerpc/kernel/time.c reads both timebase-frequency and 
> clock-frequency, but doesn't seem to use clock-frequency.  Was that just a 
> handy place to read it that got called before anybody else needed it?

Right, it's for display in /proc/cpuinfo in absence of a specific frequency
control driver for the platform (there should be one for the mac mini though).


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