[PATCH] console: use first console if stdout-path device doesn't appear

Michael Ellerman mpe at ellerman.id.au
Mon Oct 31 16:28:59 AEDT 2016

Andreas Schwab <schwab at linux-m68k.org> writes:

> Any news?

We discovered it also breaks VGA on qemu, which presumably is not the
type of news you were hoping for.

To reproduce you just need to build a ppc64le kernel:

$ apt-get install gcc-powerpc64le-linux-gnu
$ make ARCH=powerpc CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc64le-linux-gnu- pseries_le_defconfig
$ make ARCH=powerpc CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc64le-linux-gnu-

And then run qemu:

$ qemu-system-ppc64 -M pseries -m 1G  -kernel vmlinux

Which will display the Tux logo but then nothing else and then reboot
after 10 seconds or so.

If you revert 05fd007e4629 on top of rc3 it boots fine.

Paul I tried your "console: use first console if stdout-path device
doesn't appear" patch, but it didn't help. I'll try and work out why,
but it's a bit hard with no output :)

If we can't come up with a fix soon I'm inclined to ask for a revert.


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