[FIX,v1] powerpc,numa: Fix memory_hotplug_max()

Michael Ellerman mpe at ellerman.id.au
Thu May 12 20:02:13 AEST 2016

On Thu, 2016-12-05 at 08:26:36 UTC, Bharata B Rao wrote:
> memory_hotplug_max() uses hot_add_drconf_memory_max() to get maxmimum
> addressable memory by referring to ibm,dyanamic-memory property. There
> are three problems with the current approach:
> NOTE: There are some unnecessary changes in the patch because of converting
> spaces to tabs w/o which checkpatch.pl complains.

OK. You don't always have to listen to checkpatch :)

Please split this into two patches, one that fixes the whitespace problems in
the function, and then a second one which makes your changes.


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