radeonhd and xorg issues on powerpc p5020 and G5

luigi burdo intermediadc at hotmail.com
Tue May 3 15:14:56 AEST 2016

hi michel,
tested with  sapphire 7750Hd 2gb ddr3 on Cyrus+ Amigaone X5000 P5020,
with radeon  selected i have a stalling of fence 0 and video binking with all glitched like on 7770hd, only fbdev video gave the desktop ok.
distro is the ubuntu mate 16.04 
kernels used for testing are the 4.6 rc 5 and 4.5 
will build today the 4.4 and test there too.

if something needed (logs)and some specific test are requied for help the devs
i will glad to send.

and sorry for my english

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> Il giorno 30 apr 2016, alle ore 09:29, luigi burdo <intermediadc at hotmail.com> ha scritto:
> hi michel,
> without xorg conf on cyrus+ p5020, and g5 quad i have only the black screen with pulse cursor. i need to made it and put in etc/X11/ or not desktop at all.
> about modeset=0 on both cards:
> yes i know is normal dont have video but i think the more strange is have the opposite compared the kernel options . with kernel radeon. modeset=0 and nouveau.modeset=1 look like xorg understand to activate the radeon and deactivate the nouveau .
> and this make the system stalling without any way to recover.
> about radeonsi, will check  on 7750 too and report.
> for now 4xxx,5xxx,6xxx can say are running on ppc system with 3d too , yes many endianess on egl and egl2 colors not right and some creazy texture on some games but ... running ;-)
> ciao
> luigi
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>>> Il giorno 30 apr 2016, alle ore 09:10, Michel Dänzer <michel at daenzer.net> ha scritto:
>>> On 23.04.2016 02:06, luigi burdo wrote:
>>> On Quad G5 with 2 video boards
>>> if i set radeon.modeset=1  nouveau.modeset=1 Xorg -configure dont found
>>> at all the video boards
>>> if i set radeon.modeset=0  nouveau.modeset=1 Xorg -configure dont found
>>> the nouveau board
>>> if i set radeon.modeset=1  nouveau.modeset=0 Xorg -configure dont found
>>> the radeon board
>> Xorg -configure has various known issues and shouldn't be used anymore.
>> Xorg is normally able to automatically detect and use all GPUs in a
>> system without any xorg.conf file.
>>> if i set radeon.modeset=0  nouveau.modeset=0 no video working ... no tty
>>> too ;-)
>> That disables both kernel drivers, which are required for fbcon and Xorg.
>>> On P5020
>>> last of my test is this machine with a  radeon hd 7770 core edition
>>> if radeon drv is running the system run in softpipe mode and i face many
>>> drm errors and fence issue.
>>> i atteched the dmesg files.
>> Which kernel version are you testing? There were some fixes in 4.4/4.5
>> which may help for the kernel driver issues, but note that the Mesa
>> radeonsi driver for >= 7xxx Radeons still needs a lot of work to be
>> usable on big endian systems.
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