Resend: [Patch 0/8] powerpc/devtree: Add support for 2 new DRC properties

Michael Bringmann mwb at
Thu Jul 28 00:22:55 AEST 2016

Several properties in the DRC device tree format are replaced by
more compact representations to allow, for example, for the encoding
of vast amounts of memory, and or reduced duplication of information
in related data structures.

"ibm,drc-info": This property, when present, replaces the following
four properties: "ibm,drc-indexes", "ibm,drc-names", "ibm,drc-types"
and "ibm,drc-power-domains".  This property is defined for all
dynamically reconfigurable platform nodes.  The "ibm,drc-info" elements
are intended to provide a more compact representation, and reduce some
search overhead.

"ibm,dynamic-memory-v2": This property replaces the "ibm,dynamic-memory"
node representation within the "ibm,dynamic-reconfiguration-memory"
property provided by the BMC.  This element format is intended to provide
a more compact representation of memory, especially, for systems with
massive amounts of RAM.  To simplify portability, this property is
converted to the "ibm,dynamic-memory" property during system boot.

"ibm,architecture.vec": Bit flags are added to this data structure
by the front end processor to inform the kernel as to whether to expect
the changes to one or both of the device tree structures "ibm,drc-info"
and "ibm,dynamic-memory-v2".

Signed-off-by: Michael Bringmann <mwb at>

Michael Bringmann (8):
  powerpc/firmware: Add definitions for new firmware features.
  powerpc/memory: Parse new memory property to register blocks.
  powerpc/memory: Parse new memory property to initialize structures.
  pseries/hotplug init: Convert new DRC memory property for hotplug runtime
  pseries/drc-info: Search new DRC properties for CPU indexes
  hotplug/drc-info: Add code to search new devtree properties
  powerpc: Check arch.vec earlier during boot for memory features
  powerpc: Enable support for new DRC devtree properties

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