[PATCH] powerpc/powernv: Initialise nest mmu

Alistair Popple alistair at popple.id.au
Tue Aug 16 10:37:58 AEST 2016


> > +	/* Update partition table control register on all Nest MMUs */
> > +	opal_nmmu_set_ptcr(-1UL, __pa(partition_tb) | (PATB_SIZE_SHIFT - 12));
> > +
> Just wondering if
> 1. Instead of using -1 for all cpus, we should do
> 	for_each_online_cpu() {
> 		opal_numm_set_ptcr(...)
> 	}

Good question, but I don't think it makes sense to do that. The NMMU is
per-chip/socket rather than per-cpu so it shouldn't be tied to
onlining/offlining of individual CPUs.

> 2. In cpu hotplug path do the same when onlining and set to NULL on
> offlining?

Again, the nmmu isn't tied to a specific CPU but rather a chip/socket. So in
theory at least it's possible that all CPUs in a chip could be offline but
other units on the chip could still be using the nmmu so we wouldn't want to
disable the nmmu at that point.

> I think we should definitely try and become hotplug aware from the OS
> view point and drive it from the OS
> What do you think?
> Balbir Singh.

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