[PATCH kernel 01/15] Revert "iommu: Add a function to find an iommu group by id"

Paul Mackerras paulus at ozlabs.org
Mon Aug 15 14:58:57 AEST 2016

On Wed, Aug 03, 2016 at 06:40:42PM +1000, Alexey Kardashevskiy wrote:
> This reverts commit aa16bea929ae
> ("iommu: Add a function to find an iommu group by id")
> as the iommu_group_get_by_id() helper has never been used
> and it is unlikely it will in foreseeable future. Dead code
> is broken code.
> Signed-off-by: Alexey Kardashevskiy <aik at ozlabs.ru>
> diff --git a/include/linux/iommu.h b/include/linux/iommu.h
> index a35fb8b..93c69fa 100644
> --- a/include/linux/iommu.h
> +++ b/include/linux/iommu.h
> @@ -215,7 +215,6 @@ extern int bus_set_iommu(struct bus_type *bus, const struct iommu_ops *ops);
>  extern bool iommu_present(struct bus_type *bus);
>  extern bool iommu_capable(struct bus_type *bus, enum iommu_cap cap);
>  extern struct iommu_domain *iommu_domain_alloc(struct bus_type *bus);
> -extern struct iommu_group *iommu_group_get_by_id(int id);
>  extern void iommu_domain_free(struct iommu_domain *domain);
>  extern int iommu_attach_device(struct iommu_domain *domain,
>  			       struct device *dev);

There's another definition of iommu_group_get_by_id() further down in
iommu.h (static inline after the #else on CONFIG_IOMMU_API) which also
needs to be removed.


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