Linux 4.7: Reported regressions as of Sunday, 2016-08-07

Thorsten Leemhuis regressions at
Sun Aug 7 23:53:13 AEST 2016

Hi! Here is my seventh regression report for Linux 4.7. It lists 9
regressions I'm currently aware of. 4 of them are new; 2 are stalled
until the reporter provides more feedback.

The report also mentions 3 regressions that were fixed since the last
report. There is also 1 I plan to remove because it's just referring 
to new warnings from UBSAN (let me know if you think it should stay).

As usual: Please let me know about any regressions missing on the list
or if it contains something which shouldn't be there. Since the 
release of 4.7 there were quite a few new bugs filed on that mentioned 4.7; I briefly looked at them, but
it looks like most of them are not regression (sometimes it's not 
pretty clear, but I currently lack the time to investigate further 
into each of those). 

I'll send the first regression report for 4.9 next week

HTH, CU, Thorsten

P.S.: Gmane, I miss you. A lot. 

== Current regressions ==

Desc: System hang when plug/un-plug USB 3.1 key via thunderbolt port on Dell XPS 13
Repo: 2016-06-14
Stat: 2016-08-05
Note: wip

Desc: regression in 8250 uart driver
Repo: 2016-06-14
Stat: 2016-07-02
Note: need to poke andy for a status update

Desc: ath9k/ ar5008 Oopses on v4.7-rc7+
Repo: 2016-07-17
Stat: 2016-08-04
Note: fix ath9k-fix-accessing-gpio-warning.patch available

Desc: Regression: commit 12549e2 clocksource/drivers/time-armada-370-xp: Convert init function to return error
Repo: 2016-07-28
Stat: 2016-08-06
Note: proper developer now in the loop

Desc: ath9k cpuidle warnings ath9k_beacon_config (No adverse effects are noticed but this must be from quite a recent commit.)
Repo: 2016-08-02
Stat: n/a 
Note: needs further investigation; seem I or somebody else need to help here

Desc: /dev/input/by-path links for PS/2 input devices are not created
Repo: 2016-08-02
Stat: n/a 
Note: needs further investigation; seem I or somebody else need to help here

Desc: performance degradation on Opteron 6272 related to COD technology
Repo: 2016-06-28
Stat: 2016-07-28
Note: wip

== Stalled, waiting for feedback from reporter ==

Desc: 795ae7a0de: pixz.throughput -9.1% regression
Repo: 2016-06-02
Stat: 2016-06-22
Note: stalled; hannes could not reproduce and asked reporter for further feedback weeks ago

Desc: kmemcheck: Caught 64-bit read from uninitialized memory; iptables/nf_register_net_hooks
Repo: 2016-06-19
Stat: 2016-07-17
Note: waiting for reporter to check a proposed fix

== Going to be removed from the list ==

Desc: UBSAN splat in drivers/acpi/acpica/dsutils.c:641:16
Repo: 2016-06-15
Stat: 2016-06-22
Note: this debugging feature found new problems, but it seems the bugs don't get much attention (like many ohters on; if nobody complains I'll remove this regression from the report to spend time for more important bugs; related, similar bugs: Not sure which of them are regressions

== Fixed since last report ==

Desc: Multi-thread udp 4.7 regression, bisected to 71d8c47fc653; performance decreased or complete failure with a test
Repo: 2016-06-27
Stat: 2016-07-12
Note: fixed by

Desc: After commit f21a21983ef13a, the i915 display is turned off
Repo: 2016-06-16
Stat: 2016-07-15
Note: fixed by

Desc: legacy gamma table updates are completely broken for Intel on Linux-4.7-rc7
Repo: 2016-07-12
Stat: 2016-07-14
Note: fixed by

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