[pasemi] problem with i2c-pasemi

Christian Zigotzky chzigotzky at xenosoft.de
Mon Aug 1 19:01:04 AEST 2016

Hello Wolfram,

Many thanks for your explanation. Olof knows the PASEMI platform very 
well. Maybe he could explain more. Adrian has also a good knowledge 
about the Nemo board.



On 01 August 2016 at 09:32 AM, Wolfram Sang wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 31, 2016 at 09:36:00AM +0200, Christian Zigotzky wrote:
>> Here you are:
>> i2c-0    i2c           Radeon i2c bit bus 0x90             I2C adapter
>> i2c-1    i2c           Radeon i2c bit bus 0x91             I2C adapter
>> i2c-2    i2c           Radeon i2c bit bus 0x92             I2C adapter
>> i2c-3    i2c           Radeon i2c bit bus 0x93             I2C adapter
>> i2c-4    i2c           Radeon i2c bit bus 0x94             I2C adapter
>> i2c-5    i2c           Radeon i2c bit bus 0x95             I2C adapter
>> i2c-6    i2c           Radeon i2c bit bus 0x96             I2C adapter
>> i2c-7    i2c           Radeon i2c bit bus 0x97             I2C adapter
>> i2c-8    i2c           card0-DP-1                          I2C adapter
>> i2c-9    i2c           card0-DP-2                          I2C adapter
> Thanks. So, that means you don't have any bus from i2c-pasemi, since all
> numbered busses it wants to have [0-2] are already taken by the Radeon
> card. This has always been the case, no change in behaviour since 2008.
> Only since last merge window, the I2C core just reports this conflict.
> Maybe a bit too noisy?
> I don't think using i2c_add_numbered_adapter is a good idea together
> with PCI cards. I'd prefer to see i2c_add_adapter used. However, I don't
> know the platform at all and if there is someone relying on a static
> numbering scheme? I would assume this is not the case, because nobody
> really noticed that the busses do not probe for a while. Anyone here
> with more insight about PASEMI platform?

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