[PATCH 0/2] VFIO: Accept IOMMU group (PE) ID

Alex Williamson alex.williamson at redhat.com
Sat Sep 19 01:47:32 AEST 2015

On Fri, 2015-09-18 at 16:24 +1000, Gavin Shan wrote:
> This allows to accept IOMMU group (PE) ID from the parameter from userland
> when handling EEH operation so that the operation only affects the target
> IOMMU group (PE). If the IOMMU group (PE) ID in the parameter from userland
> is invalid, all IOMMU groups (PEs) attached to the specified container are
> affected as before.
> Gavin Shan (2):
>   drivers/vfio: Support EEH API revision
>   drivers/vfio: Support IOMMU group for EEH operations
>  drivers/vfio/vfio_iommu_spapr_tce.c | 50 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
>  drivers/vfio/vfio_spapr_eeh.c       | 46 ++++++++++++++++++++++------------
>  include/linux/vfio.h                | 13 +++++++---
>  include/uapi/linux/vfio.h           |  6 +++++
>  4 files changed, 93 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)

This interface is terrible.  A function named foo_enabled() should
return a bool, yes or no, don't try to overload it to also return a
version.  AFAICT, patch 2/2 breaks current users by changing the offset
of the union in struct vfio_eeh_pe_err.  Also, we generally pass group
file descriptors rather than a group ID because we can prove the
ownership of the group through the file descriptor and we don't need to
worry about races with the group because we can hold a reference to it.

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