[Nemo, Chitra, and Electra] Linux kernel 4.3 testing

Christian Zigotzky chzigotzky at xenosoft.de
Fri Sep 11 15:48:51 AEST 2015

Hi All,

We compiled some kernels from the Linux git for our motherboards with 
P.A. Semi PA6T-1682M microprocessors for testing.


http://www.xenosoft.de/vmlinux-4.3-alpha6-AMIGA_one_X1000.tar.bz2 (Build 
date: 07. September 2015)

http://www.xenosoft.de/vmlinux-4.3-alpha7-AMIGA_one_X1000.tar.bz2 (Build 
date: 09. September 2015)

Maybe someone would like to test these kernels.

Further information about motherboards with P.A. Semi PA6T-1682M 

* Electra: First development/eval board. Funky USB on localbus, plenty
of PCI-e. Two GigE, one 10GigE XAUI. CompactFlash and IDE on localbus
too. Usually shipped with a PCI-e SATA card and a USB card.

* Chitra: Second edition dev/eval board. Moved SATA and USB on-board,
and removed some of the localbus hardware. Might have routed three
GigE out instead of 2.

* Athena: Never released board with a smaller package chip, there's
only a few of these around. It's similar to Chitra, and the silicon is 
the same.

* Nemo: Released as AmigaONE X1000. With co-processor: "Xena" 500 MHz 
XCore XS1-L2 124 SDS
and SB600 southbridge. AMD/ATI’s SB600 provides the following I/O features:

- PCIe x4 link to CPU
- SATA-II AHCI controller with 4 ports
- PATA (IDE) controller (single channel)
- multiple USB ports (5 OHCI and 1 EHCI host controllers. All ports are 
fully USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 compliant)
- UAA compatible HD Audio controller
- PCIe-PCI bridge supporting multiple PCI slots with 5V signalling support
- 8259 compatible interrupt controller
- Real Time Clock

CompactFlash and Xena on localbus.



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