[PATCH v3 00/22] Convert the posix_clock_operations and k_clock structure to ready for 2038

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Tue May 12 19:39:36 AEST 2015

On Monday 11 May 2015 19:08:38 Baolin Wang wrote:
> This patch series changes the 32-bit time type (timespec/itimerspec) to the 64-bit one
> (timespec64/itimerspec64), since 32-bit time types will break in the year 2038.
> This patch series introduces new methods with timespec64/itimerspec64 type,
> and removes the old ones with timespec/itimerspec type for posix_clock_operations
> and k_clock structure.
> Also introduces some new functions with timespec64/itimerspec64 type, like current_kernel_time64(),
> hrtimer_get_res64(), cputime_to_timespec64() and timespec64_to_cputime().
> Changes since v2:
>      	-Split the syscall conversion patch into small some patches.
> Baolin Wang (22):
>   linux/time64.h:Introduce the 'struct itimerspec64' for 64bit
>   timekeeping:Introduce the current_kernel_time64() function with
>     timespec64 type
>   time/hrtimer:Introduce hrtimer_get_res64() with timespec64 type for
>     getting the timer resolution
>   posix-timers:Split out the guts of the syscall and change the
>     implementation for timer_gettime
>   posix-timers:Convert to the 64bit methods for the timer_gettime
>     syscall function

I have two more very general comments about the series:

a) something has gone wrong with your submission in v2 and v3 but was
   working earlier: normally all emails should be sent by git-send-email
   as replies to the [patch 00/22] mail. This is the default, and it
   is enabled by the '--thread --no-chain-reply' options. Please try
   to get this to work again.

b) it would be better to have a little shorter subject lines, to avoid
   line-wrapping in the list above. Here are some examples what you could
   use to replace the lines above:

   timekeeping: introduce struct itimerspec64
   timekeeping: introduce current_kernel_time64()
   hrtimer: introduce hrtimer_get_res64() 
   posix-timers: split up sys_timer_gettime()
   posix-timers: convert timer_gettime() to timespec64

   In general, try to come up with the shortest description that
   uniquely describes what your patch does, and move any details into
   the longer patch description.


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