BUG: perf error on syscalls for powerpc64.

Sukadev Bhattiprolu sukadev at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri Jul 17 11:51:04 AEST 2015

Zumeng Chen [zumeng.chen at gmail.com] wrote:
| 3. What I have seen in 3.14.x kernel,
| ======================
| And so far, no more difference to 4.x kernel from me about this part if
| I'm right.
| *) With 1028ccf5
| perf list|grep -i syscall got me nothing.
| *) Without 1028ccf5
| root at localhost:~# perf list|grep -i syscall
|    syscalls:sys_enter_socket                          [Tracepoint event]
|    syscalls:sys_exit_socket                           [Tracepoint event]
|    syscalls:sys_enter_socketpair                      [Tracepoint event]
|    syscalls:sys_exit_socketpair                       [Tracepoint event]
|    syscalls:sys_enter_bind                            [Tracepoint event]
|    syscalls:sys_exit_bind                             [Tracepoint event]
|    syscalls:sys_enter_listen                          [Tracepoint event]
|    syscalls:sys_exit_listen                           [Tracepoint event]
|    ... ...

Are you seeing this on big-endian or little-endian system?

IIRC, I saw the opposite behavior on an LE system a few months ago.
i.e. without 1028ccf5, 'perf listf|grep syscall' failed.

Applying 1028ccf5, seemed to fix it.


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