[RFC,1/2] powerpc/numa: fix cpu_to_node() usage during boot

David Rientjes rientjes at google.com
Thu Jul 9 11:24:37 AEST 2015

On Wed, 8 Jul 2015, Nishanth Aravamudan wrote:

> > It looks like the symptom is that the per-cpu areas are all allocated on node
> > 0, is that all that goes wrong?
> Yes, that's the symptom. I cc'd a few folks to see if they could help
> indicate the performance implications of such a setup -- sorry, I should
> have been more explicit about that.

Yeah, not sure it's really a bugfix but rather a performance optimization 
since cpu_to_node() with CONFIG_USE_PERCPU_NUMA_NODE_ID is only about 

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