powerpc/powernv: Fix race in updating core_idle_state

Michael Ellerman mpe at ellerman.id.au
Mon Jul 6 14:03:24 AEST 2015

On Wed, 2015-01-07 at 06:34:10 UTC, "Shreyas B. Prabhu" wrote:
> core_idle_state is maintained for each core. It uses 0-7 bits to track
> whether a thread in the core has entered fastsleep or winkle. 8th bit is
> used as a lock bit.
> The lock bit is set in these 2 scenarios-
>  - The thread is first in subcore to wakeup from sleep/winkle.
>  - If its the last thread in the core about to enter sleep/winkle
> While the lock bit is set, if any other thread in the core wakes up, it
> loops until the lock bit is cleared before proceeding in the wakeup
> path. This helps prevent race conditions w.r.t fastsleep workaround and
> prevents threads from switching to process context before core/subcore
> resources are restored.
> But, in the path to sleep/winkle entry, we currently don't check for
> lock-bit. This exposes us to following race when running with subcore
> on-
> First thread in the subcorea		Another thread in the same
> waking up		   		core entering sleep/winkle
> lwarx   r15,0,r14
> ori     r15,r15,PNV_CORE_IDLE_LOCK_BIT
> stwcx.  r15,0,r14
> [Code to restore subcore state]
> 						lwarx   r15,0,r14
> 						[clear thread bit]
> 						stwcx.  r15,0,r14
> andi.   r15,r15,PNV_CORE_IDLE_THREAD_BITS
> stw     r15,0(r14)
> Here, after the thread entering sleep clears its thread bit in
> core_idle_state, the value is overwritten by the thread waking up.
> This patch fixes the above race by looping on the lock bit even while
> entering the idle states.

What are the symptoms of this bug?

I assume they're not good. In which case this should go to stable, shouldn't
it? If so which versions?

And which commit introduced the bug?


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