[PATCH 2/2] cxl: add set/get private data to context struct

Ian Munsie imunsie at au1.ibm.com
Wed Aug 19 15:12:01 AEST 2015

Excerpts from Michael Ellerman's message of 2015-08-19 14:49:30 +1000:
> Do we really need the accessors? They don't buy anything I can see over just
> using ctx->priv directly.

The reasoning there is because we don't currently expose the contents of
stuct cxl_context to afu drivers, rather they just treat it as an opaque

We could potentially change this to expose the details, but there's a
lot of junk in there that's just internal details of the cxl driver that
isn't of interest to an afu driver that I'd rather not expose.

We also already have another accessor function (cxl_process_element) in
the api, so it's not out of place.

FWIW I'm not opposed to changing how this api works if it ultimately
makes things better, but I want to wait until the cxlflash superpipe
support is merged so any patches that change the api can change it at
the same time.


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