[PATCH 0/8] misc: remove boundary checks from bin attr users

Wolfram Sang wsa at the-dreams.de
Sat Aug 8 02:10:55 AEST 2015


On Mon, Jul 27, 2015 at 12:18:22AM +0300, Vladimir Zapolskiy wrote:
> This change removes a number of redundant checks on bin attribute
> client's side, the same checks are done by sysfs_kf_bin_read() or
> sysfs_kf_bin_write() caller from fs/sysfs/file.c.
> Note, drivers/misc/pch_phub.c and drivers/misc/c2port/core.c may be
> updated in a similar way, however this task is not done due to more
> complicated read()/write() callbacks.

Can you resend the patches which touch i2c drivers with me on cc? I'd
like to take care of them.



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