Kernel 3.15: Boot problems with a PA6T board

Michael Ellerman mpe at
Wed May 28 14:23:35 EST 2014

On Wed, 2014-05-28 at 01:08 +0200, Christian Zigotzky wrote:
> Hi Michael,
> Thanks a lot for your answer.
> ...
> 18a1a7a1d862ae0794a0179473d08a414dd49234 <- It doesn't boot. Error messages: Oops: Machine check, sig: 7 [#1] CPU: 1 PID: 1 Comm: swapper/0 not tainted
> d8ff9cdf68fd119d491f3de90e1a612afc2f3b2b <- It boots. :-)
> 0f5a869600141a0d5575e3190af01a050c081b07 <- It boots. :-)
> c7e64b9ce04aa2e3fad7396d92b5cb92056d16ac <- It boots. :-)
> d3e144532703fe2454b56eddb56f30d2d620187b <- It boots. :-)
> I think the machine check is the problem.

Yes I think it is. Do you get any more info, or just that one line?

So I think the latest working commit we have is d8ff9cdf68fd119d491f3de90e1a612afc2f3b2b.

I'm going to guess that cd427485357c0c4b99f69719251baacf25946e11 is BAD. Can
you please confirm or deny that?

Assuming cd42748 is bad, you should do a git bisect between it and 18a1a7a.
That should be a fairly quick bisect. That would be:

$ git bisect start
$ git bisect good d8ff9cdf68fd119d491f3de90e1a612afc2f3b2b
$ git bisect bad  cd427485357c0c4b99f69719251baacf25946e11

If cd42748 is *good*, then you'll need to do a bigger bisect from d8ff9cd to


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