question about hvc_opal.c

Greg KH gregkh at
Sat May 17 04:26:57 EST 2014

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 11:34:13PM +0530, Himangi Saraogi wrote:
> Hi,
> In function hvc_opal_probe I find :
>         hp = hvc_alloc(termno, 0, ops, MAX_VIO_PUT_CHARS);
>         if (IS_ERR(hp))
>                 return PTR_ERR(hp);
> Earlier, hpc_opal_privs[termno] is assigned pv which is allocated using
> kzalloc. Shouldn't there be a kfree(pv) and the array element (which is global)
> be made NULL before the return. Also, if array element is set to NULL on the
> failure, then some cleanup must be done to undo the effect of hvc_instantiate
> as well. Please let me know if the change is desirable.

Sounds reasonable, please send a patch.

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