G5 Quad working with Linux PPC and RadeonHD

Luigi Burdo intermediadc at hotmail.com
Fri May 16 20:31:04 EST 2014

Hi all i start one week ago to write massage in ubuntu about
my object i have  Radeon Hd working on my Quad G5 thanks to linuxPPC .

But there are some things to fix
One RadeonHD mesa colors are wrong .

On RadeonHD 4650 ddr3 512mb i have full video acceleration and hdmi 
audio working
On RadeonHD 6570 ddr3 2048mb i have video but no chars on windows and 
icons .

this is my thread on ubuntu forum Apple User in lubuntu
there are all my experieces and the bugs found ...
too much things to write on a single email


Thanks for all !

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