[PATCH V2 2/3] powerpc, ptrace: Enable support for transactional memory register sets

Anshuman Khandual khandual at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed May 14 15:49:24 EST 2014

On 05/13/2014 10:51 PM, Pedro Alves wrote:
> I wonder whether people are getting Roland's address from?
> It's frequent that ptrace related patches end up CCed to
> roland at redhat.com, but, he's not been at Red Hat for a few years
> now.  Roland, do you still want to be CCed on ptrace-related
> issues?  If so, there's probably a script somewhere in the
> kernel that needs updating.  If not, well, it'd be good
> if it were updated anyway.  :-)
> It's a little annoying, as Red Hat's servers outright reject
> email sent from a @redhat.com address if one tries to send
> an email that includes a CC/FROM to a user that no longer
> exists in the @redhat.com domain.

Got the email address from some of the previous ptrace related

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