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Tue Mar 4 18:52:40 EST 2014

Hello All

I am debugging a UART issue on a Freescale PowerPC SOC.

My observations are:

When FiFo mode is enabled FCR[FEN]=1, and the Fifo size is 16byte. I see console prints not coming properly, lot of missing characters.

But here when I change the tx_loadsz to 8, the UART works fine.

        [PORT_16550A] = {
                .name           = "16550A",
                .fifo_size      = 16,
-               .tx_loadsz      = 16,
+               .tx_loadsz      = 8,
                .fcr            = UART_FCR_ENABLE_FIFO | UART_FCR_R_TRIG_10,
                .flags          = UART_CAP_FIFO,

Can anybody help to understand what is the significance of tx_loadsz. From the code (drivers/serial/tty/8250/8250.c), looks like this parameter controls the bytes we write to the UART Tx register at one  time.
So ideally this should be equal to the Fifo size.

I also see certain UARTs where tx_loadsz is not equal to fifo_size, less than fifo_size.

Please help me to understand how should tx_loadsz be determined?

Many Thanks
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