[git pull] Please pull powerpc.git next branch

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Wed Jan 29 07:19:55 EST 2014

On Tue, 2014-01-28 at 16:03 +0100, Olaf Hering wrote:
> d084775738b746648d4102337163a04534a02982 is the first bad commit
> commit d084775738b746648d4102337163a04534a02982
> Author: Alistair Popple <alistair at popple.id.au>
> Date:   Mon Dec 9 18:17:03 2013 +1100
>     powerpc/iommu: Update the generic code to use dynamic iommu page sizes
>     This patch updates the generic iommu backend code to use the
>     it_page_shift field to determine the iommu page size instead of
>     using hardcoded values.

Interesting. This is new infrastructure but a nop in functionality, ie,
we support different page sizes for DMA but we still set it to 4k,
unless we somewhat failed to initialize something...

I'll have a look, I actually have one of those G5s here still. Thanks !


>     Signed-off-by: Alistair Popple <alistair at popple.id.au>
>     Signed-off-by: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <benh at kernel.crashing.org>
> :040000 040000 52a8e1ca3166e3c916f8cdc1df5c1f42c76b2359 3d4915e416b28501ff502305bd4f76d64153dbc4 M      arch
> :040000 040000 e9a9020abbef5622ffa1be381e0ff845e3741fa9 d6fc206dd372c1a8deded826cc5de8b05f71c614 M      drivers
> # git bisect log
> git bisect start
> # good: [b2e448eca1a52fea181905845728ae00a138d84e] Merge branch 'ipmi' (ipmi patches from Corey Minyard)
> git bisect good b2e448eca1a52fea181905845728ae00a138d84e
> # bad: [54c0a4b46150db1571d955d598cd342c9f1d9657] Merge branch 'akpm' (incoming from Andrew)
> git bisect bad 54c0a4b46150db1571d955d598cd342c9f1d9657
> # good: [403227641533c4227d44d14f25c8f3676f6e7436] softirq: convert printks to pr_<level>
> git bisect good 403227641533c4227d44d14f25c8f3676f6e7436
> # bad: [8b52312880ecbc5beb40b313600f2903c16a59ed] powerpc/p1010rdb-pa: modify phy interrupt.
> git bisect bad 8b52312880ecbc5beb40b313600f2903c16a59ed
> # good: [2c49195b6aedd21ff1cd1e095fab9866fba3411b] powernv: Remove get/set_rtc_time when they are not present
> git bisect good 2c49195b6aedd21ff1cd1e095fab9866fba3411b
> # bad: [a68c33f3592eef63304a5f5ab68466539ccac56c] powerpc: Fix endian issues in power7/8 machine check handler
> git bisect bad a68c33f3592eef63304a5f5ab68466539ccac56c
> # good: [c34a51ce49b40b9667cd7f5cc2e40475af8b4c3d] powerpc/mm: Enable _PAGE_NUMA for book3s
> git bisect good c34a51ce49b40b9667cd7f5cc2e40475af8b4c3d
> # good: [fee26f6d5d68a8815b20c32d15dd70d5384eb937] powerpc: Remove unused REDBOOT Kconfig parameter
> git bisect good fee26f6d5d68a8815b20c32d15dd70d5384eb937
> # good: [3a553170d35d69bea3877bffa508489dfa6f133d] powerpc/iommu: Add it_page_shift field to determine iommu page size
> git bisect good 3a553170d35d69bea3877bffa508489dfa6f133d
> # bad: [d084775738b746648d4102337163a04534a02982] powerpc/iommu: Update the generic code to use dynamic iommu page sizes
> git bisect bad d084775738b746648d4102337163a04534a02982
> # first bad commit: [d084775738b746648d4102337163a04534a02982] powerpc/iommu: Update the generic code to use dynamic iommu page sizes

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