cuboot-pq2.c:undefined reference to `fsl_get_immr'

Fengguang Wu fengguang.wu at
Fri Jan 10 19:38:42 EST 2014

Hi Tony,

FYI, kernel build failed on

tree:   git:// master
head:   7d1c153ab373a5c07feb97eaf4e4bcad5bfc262e
commit: b81f18e55e9f4ea81759bcb00fea295de679bbe8 powerpc/boot: Only build board support files when required.
date:   1 year, 6 months ago
config: make ARCH=powerpc storcenter_defconfig

All error/warnings:

   arch/powerpc/boot/cuboot-pq2.o: In function `pq2_platform_fixups':
>> cuboot-pq2.c:(.text+0x320): undefined reference to `fsl_get_immr'

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