P1020 implementation crashes with "Data Cache Parity Error" on board derived from Freescale P1020Wlan eval board.

John Clark jeclark2006 at aim.com
Sat Jan 4 09:10:20 EST 2014

I have a problem when booting the linux kernel using two cores of the P1020 Freescale ppc implementation.

I have found on the Freescale site one other person who has a similar problem and we both are using designed driver from the P1020Wlan 'eval' board.

I would like to know if others have this 'problem', and used the P1020Wlan as their hardware starting point, and what they did to overcome this problem.

Single core works fine. Further the original P1020Wlan board boots my 'new' kernel, 3.10.15 from OpenWRT sources, 'just fine'.

The problem may be that we used a different DDR3 chip than the original eval, and some subtle difference in timing that needs some 'adjustment' has eluded me.

Thanks for any info/insight,

John Clark.

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