[PATCH] kvm/ppc/booke64: Hard disable interrupts when entering the guest

Caraman Mihai Claudiu-B02008 B02008 at freescale.com
Sat May 4 17:11:13 EST 2013

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> From: Wood Scott-B07421
> Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2013 2:45 AM
> To: Alexander Graf
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> Subject: [PATCH] kvm/ppc/booke64: Hard disable interrupts when entering
> the guest
> kvmppc_lazy_ee_enable() was causing interrupts to be soft-enabled
> (albeit hard-disabled) in kvmppc_restart_interrupt().  This led to
> warnings, and possibly breakage if the interrupt state was later saved
> and then restored (leading to interrupts being hard-and-soft enabled
> when they should be at least soft-disabled).
> Simply removing kvmppc_lazy_ee_enable() leaves interrupts only
> soft-disabled when we enter the guest, but they will be hard-disabled
> when we exit the guest -- without PACA_IRQ_HARD_DIS ever being set, so
> the local_irq_enable() fails to hard-enable.

Just to mention one special case. may_hard_irq_enable() called from do_IRQ()
and timer_interrupt() clears PACA_IRQ_HARD_DIS but it either hard-enable or 
let PACA_IRQ_EE set which is enough for local_irq_enable() to hard-enable.

> While we could just set PACA_IRQ_HARD_DIS after an exit to compensate,
> instead hard-disable interrupts before entering the guest.  This way,
> we won't have to worry about interactions if we take an interrupt
> during the guest entry code.  While I don't see any obvious
> interactions, it could change in the future (e.g. it would be bad if
> the non-hv code were used on 64-bit or if 32-bit guest lazy interrupt
> disabling, since the non-hv code changes IVPR among other things).
> Signed-off-by: Scott Wood <scottwood at freescale.com>
> Cc: Mihai Caraman <mihai.caraman at freescale.com>

Please add my signed-off, it builds on the same principle of interrupts
soft-disabled to fix warnings and irq_happened flags to force interrupts
hard-enabled ... and parts of the code ;)


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