[PATCH 0/4 v3] mv643xx_eth: use mvmdio MDIO bus driver

Florian Fainelli florian at openwrt.org
Sat Mar 23 01:31:09 EST 2013

Le 03/22/13 15:29, Jason Cooper a écrit :
>> Ok, thanks! Does that mean that you want these changes to go via
>> your tree? David initially applied my v2 of this patchset, and since
>> it thouches mostly ethernet driver stuff, I would rather make it go
>> via his tree if both of you agree.
> Yeah, I thought I should have reworded that after I hit send :)  I
> simply meant it applied cleanly against v3.9-rc3, booted, and worked.  I
> Acked it so David could take the whole series through his tree.  Sorry
> for the confusion.
> Now that I can build mv643xx_eth DT on top of this, I'll structure it so
> those changes go on top of yours (in David's tree) and try to avoid the
> external dependency for the DT bits going though arm-soc.

Sounds good! FYI, I am finishing up DSA Device Tree bindings so that we 
can finally get rid of board-specific Kirkwood files.

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