[PATCH] powerpc/dts: Add qe support for 36bit

Timur Tabi timur at tabi.org
Fri Mar 22 22:50:45 EST 2013

Zhicheng Fan wrote:
> Hi Timur,
>          you are right ,the QE can not support the 36-bit , I test it on
> the p1025 ,the qe can not work
>          but we need the qe node , becase the dts include the
> fsl/p1021si-post.dtsi
>          that needed, I will send other patch

My suggestion: with a 36-bit device tree, the QE must be disabled.

	qe: qe at fffe80000 {
		/* The QE does not work with 36-bit addressing */
		status = "disabled";

However, on the P102x, there may be a GUTS register that stores the upper 
four bits of the QE's physical address.  Your patch *can* work if you 
*also* set this register to 0xF.  Look for that register.
Timur Tabi

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