[PATCH V4] powerpc/85xx: Add machine check handler to fix PCIe erratum on mpc85xx

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Fri Mar 8 03:37:47 EST 2013

On 03/07/2013 02:06:05 AM, Jia Hongtao-B38951 wrote:
> Here is the ideas from Scott:
> "
> > +	if (is_in_pci_mem_space(addr)) {
> > +		inst = *(unsigned int *)regs->nip;
> Be careful about taking a fault here.  A simple TLB miss should be  
> safe
> given that we shouldn't be accessing PCIe in the middle of exception
> code, but what if the mapping has gone away (e.g. a userspace driver  
> had
> its code munmap()ed or swapped out)?  What if permissions allow  
> execute
> but not read (not sure if Linux will allow this, but the hardware  
> does)?
> What if it happened in a KVM guest?  You can't access guest addresses
> directly.
> "

That means you need to be careful about how you read the instruction,  
not that you shouldn't do it at all.


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