[PATCH] module: ppc64 module CRC relocation fix causes perf issues

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Fri Jul 26 11:19:13 EST 2013

Hi Neil,

> Sorry I'm a bit late to the thread, I've ben swamped.  Has someone
> tested this with kexec/kdump?  Thats why the origional patch was
> created, because when kexec loads the kernel at a different physical
> address, the relocations messed with the module crc's, and modules
> couldn't load during the kexec boot.  Assuming that kernaddr_start
> gets set appropriately during boot, using PHYSICAL_START should be
> fine, but I wanted to check, and don't currently have access to a
> powerpc system to do so. Neil

I tested a relocatable kernel forced to run at a non zero physical
address (ie basically kdump). I verified CRCs were bad with your
original patch backed out, and were good with this patch applied.


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