[V2 2/2] powerpc/512x: add LocalPlus Bus FIFO device driver

Timur Tabi timur at tabi.org
Thu Jul 11 00:01:15 EST 2013

Gerhard Sittig wrote:
>> >+ * Author is Alexander Popov<a13xp0p0v88 at gmail.com>.

> nit pick:  is 1337 speak usual and appropriate here?

Um, that's his actual email address.

> shouldn't headers get sorted alphabetically?

Is that a new policy?  I've never heard that requirement.

>> +MODULE_AUTHOR("Alexander Popov <a13xp0p0v88 at gmail.com>");
>> +MODULE_DESCRIPTION("MPC512x LocalPlus FIFO device driver");
> aren't these usually at the end of the source for quick lookup?

Yes, and it should be "GPL v2" also.

Timur Tabi

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